Providing Rubbish Skip Solutions in Mackay for over 15 years

Foxy’s Skips have been operating in the wider Mackay area for over 15 years, servicing domestic, commercial and industrial clients alike with rubbish skip services. From delivery to pickup, no matter the rubbish skip selected for the site, the team at Foxy’s Skips will work with you to ensure that the service is delivered on time, in budget, to your specifications.

We have a wide range of rubbish skip solutions that we’ve made available for all of our customers. If you’re not sure what size rubbish skip to look for, call the professionals at Foxy’s Skips today for a recommendation and obligation free quote.

From Domestic to Construction Sites, to Industrial

If you’ve never hired a rubbish skip at home or on your site, it is always best to call the experts, who have the knowledge and experience to help you make the most suitable selection.

We stock a wide range of rubbish skip solutions. If you’re looking for:

Domestic Site Rubbish Skip (or smaller construction site)

  • 2 m3 (will fit approximately 6 wheelie bins)
  • 3 m3 (will fit approximately 9 wheelie bins)
  • 4 m3 (will fit approximately 13 wheelie bins)
  • 4m3 door-access (will fit approximately 13 wheelie bins)
  • 6m3 (will fit approximately 20 wheelie bins)
Construction Site Rubbish Skip (or larger domestic site)

  • 6 m3 (will fit approximately 20 wheelie bins)
  • 6m3 door-access (will fit approximately 20 wheelie bins)
  • 8 m3 (will fit approximately 27 wheelie bins)
Industrial Site Rubbish Skip

  • Crane-able skips
  • Door-access skips

How it works

  1. Call a team member at Foxy’s Skips and discuss your situation and requirements for a rubbish skip.
  2. Foxy’s Skips will provide you with an obligation free quote.
  3. We deliver your rubbish skip to site ready to use at the specified time.
  4. We pick up and remove the rubbish skip, as well as dispose of the waste within, leaving your site spotless and work place compliant.

For every occasion, the right rubbish skip.
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